We fought them near the Dunbar beaches

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The top of League 5 has been tight since the season began so it was important that we had a strong side for our game against Dunbar C.C ,who were top, – and we were well prepared .
Well, the first part was ok as Rory High and ‘Magic’ Mike McLean were back and our school ‘starlets’ Angus Cousin, Ross Fontana, Olly Robertson ,Ross Martin and Jamie Reid were available- if their school game finished in time, ably supported by “Healthcare beneficiaries” Bunker, Davies and Mawdesley.
Scorer Jodie Dunz’s pencils were well sharpened – the skipper was well refreshed from some mid season overseas training to El Espagne – and we were up for it !
However , the ‘Normandy-esque’ transport arrangements went slightly awry with 10 players , Jodie the scorer, huge kit bags , Angus’s lunch , and only 2 cars at Myreside . How were we going to transport the troops ‘to fight them near the beaches’?
Young ‘Devon V.’(south African !!) had decided to go direct but there had been communication breakdown and his pincer move was unsupported, with the main corps still searching for him in Edinburgh !
Fortunately , our scorer Jodie had the backup mini-troop transporter- a suitable size for ‘Small Soldiers ‘ (for those who saw that film !) and kindly offered to drive. We expected to be a man-down but on arrival Devon was already there- sunning himself!
A luvly scenic ground at Winterton Park provided stunning view over the Forth to the Bass Rock – were the Three’s about to provide a similar spectacle ? !
The skipper unexpectedly won the toss and decided to bowl on an ‘all-weather’ pitch surrounded by long savanna grasslands. Fortunately the ‘Cooncil’ don’t have to cut the astro .
The secret on a slow artificial pitch is bowl straight – which is what we proceeded to do –with great effect .The first 12 overs –Bunker , ‘Reido’ and ‘Magic Mike’ Maclean yielded only 30 runs for 2 wickets . Although the ‘savanna grasslands ‘ made scoring slow the bowling and fielding was excellent -proving difficult on the tricky terrain – special mention of Ross Martin who got his ‘shins’ behind a number of belted drives at mid off !
‘Magic’ Mike continued to bedazzle the batsman with some ‘well flighted’ deliveries that would have proved handy for grenade launching in the trenches ! He flummoxed their opener , who was looking well set , who proceeded to launch a drive so high it appeared on the Turnhouse radar – the skipper called ‘mine’ – went off for a latte and scone – and came back and took the catch . Mike ended with great figures of 8 overs 1 for 18. Rory High , disguising his medium pacers as off spinners – or vica versa – bowled a great spell of 6 overs ,4 for 13 – including some ‘sneaky’ pacy yorkers . Reido 8 overs 2 for 31 , skipper 8 overs 1 for 7 and Devon V (south african !) 4 overs , 1 for 29.
The innings was completed when Jamie Reid was brought back to create a catch well taken by Magic Mike and then last wicket taken by Ross Martin , reaching high above his head to take good return catch .The league leaders had been dismissed for 110 – the last 5 wickets going for 23 runs – great team performance .
A well deserved ‘garden tea’ was taken in the grounds of the adjoining hotel – special mention of the excellent muffins !!
The secret of chasing a low total is someone getting their head down and giving nothing away . Surprisingly that man was Angus Cousin –“Coosin”. Renowned for some ‘big thrashing’ he curtailed his natural ‘crash crash Coosin’ approach to work the ball around the park and he and Rory High moved the score sensibly to 34 before Rory miss hit a short delivery skywards . This brought in Ross Fontana, who the previous week , had been run-out by a direct hit from – (shall we politely say) – a slightly oversized cover fielder at Kirk Brae . The skipper , umpiring , suggested ‘just don’t get run out this week’ – Ross ignoring this fairly sensible advice was promptly run out !
All was well as David Davies –previous week centurion – (that is runs!) zimmered to the wicket . Uncharacteristically having perambulated sedately to 11 he played down the wrong line and was bowled . No worries , the age average was well supported by Mr Mawdesley who was next – the man for a crisis , (if you need a crisis) – he is your man . Angus then attempting to ‘crash crash’ over the top was caught – but a fine 43 which had got us close to victory . Olly Robertson –advised by the skipper to ‘just work it around ‘ proceeded to ‘work’ a huge 6 back over the bowler plus a few other belters before , obviously tiring , ran himself out . Geoff was still there and nurdled a few singles to bring up a slightly nervy 4 wicket victory .
A very good result based on fine bowling and fielding performance and sensible batting from Angus ‘Cooosin’ – at last his dad’s batting genes working through !!

El Skip.