Watsonian 2’s ‘Man of the Match’ unavailable!

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It would be churlish to only provide reports on winning games . Also gives greater opportunity for slagging ! There were 39 players players not available this weekend – we could have done with some of them to plug the gaps !

It was a bright sunny day – hmm,  not the weathers fault ! The wicket was firm and brown and even paced – hmm ,  not the wickets fault ! The outfield was firm , short and fast – hmm,  not the outfields fault ! Both teams played with the same sized ball –hmm, not the balls fault ! Their team was ok ,not world beaters –hmm, not their fault !

We played  ****  , dropped 5 crucial catches , bowled to many 4 balls and didn’t score 249 to win  ,  hmmm  !!

Maybe the skipper was over enthusiastic,viewing our teams bowling potential, thinking we would steam-roll the oppo,and decided to bowl first on winning the toss. However we did not do well bowling, fielding or batting on the day – so would it have made a difference?

To be fair we started well with Chris Willsdon and Joe Hough bowling a good line and beating the edge regularly .However when they created the chances we didn’t take them – skipper put regulation slip catch down and a couple were dropped in the outfield.  We also gave away singles in the field which kept the run rate moving . The skipper’s secret plan for a breakthrough failed when he dropped a catch off his own bowling – the ultimate sin!   To add to my ‘stroppiness’ Dunc Cockburn did a ‘crocodile’ snapping impersonation at slip off the skipper’s cunningly disguised slower delivery and the leather hit the dirt again!

The breakthrough came when Joe bowled their opener and then ‘magic’ Mike McLean lulled them into a false sense with his first 2 ‘widish’ deliveries – which just landed on the square – but the third one bowled him round his legs!  Andrew Cockburn charged in from the far end with the occasional shout of ‘catch it’ as it sailed harmlessly passed the bat – maybe just general advice to James Davies,our wkt/keeper – possibly mixing him up with the other Davies wicket keeper?!

Despite many ‘baldrick like ‘ cunning plans (about as successful ) little was happening apart from some general trudging to the boundary once an over to ball collect . At one point the skipper viewed the ball which now looked 150 overs old!  After discussion with the umpire and Andrew Cockburn (who had retrieved the ball 2 overs previously from near the nets ) we discovered that we had in fact been bowling with an old practice ball for the previous couple of overs and the match ball was under the sight screen!  What was as surprising was that our bowlers never noticed the difference! Sadly the return of the ‘newer’ ball didn’t make any difference either !

Well, it was time for tea and inspiring team talk time . The team talk was obviously as inspiring as the tea as we had an early collapse, followed by middle order collapse, then tail-end collapse – and I was hungry all the way through it!!

Our Cockburn ‘run machines’ stalled and Robbo failed to start – all the top 6 failed their MOT’s .  However we consoled ourselves that the Watsonian chat was far superior to RHC whose banter did contribute to a couple of our wickets – if not just to get out of earshot !  Even Mathew’s- ” send the bails to Wales”, last season, was in retrospect superior!

Well in summary,  there was lots of effort but it was one of those days – no outstanding displays , apart from the neatness of the scorebook – which documented the massacre very precisely – RHC 248- 6, Watsonian 2’s not very many (79, sssh) – thanks to Jodi !

Tim B.

(skipper for this day only)

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  1. pmphilipson

    Sounds like the cricket gods were not smiling on the 2’s that day (although by the fifth dropped catch they may have been laughing…). Better luck next time!