Volunteers required for exciting projects!

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Watsonian Ladies Cricket Club are looking for volunteers to help us with some upcoming projects as part of a recruitment drive for our team.


We require help with:

  • Providing content and scheduling regular social media posts, which may lead to running a social media campaign for us.
  • Designing posters plus other marketing tools for various events
  • Other basic administration tasks, for example researching for cost effective prices for advertisements, budgeting etc.


This can ideally be a summer volunteering post for students, or for someone who has a bit of spare time each week and would like to help out in the local community.


We would greatly benefit from your personal local insight of Edinburgh.


This is being advertised as more than one post and can lead to a longer-term commitment. We have our annual Cricket Festival in April which last year attracted over 250 people and is an ongoing project which is set to grow every year.


No cricketing experience necessary but the ideal candidates must be able to demonstrate:

  • Plenty of enthusiasm and creativity for the role.
  • To be able to meet regular deadlines and high organisational skills.
  • Confidence in communication skills.
  • Work well as a team player.


This is purely a voluntary role(s) however, we are happy to include a reference on your CV, as many job offers are now looking for inclusion of external activities and these posts can offer some valuable experience towards your future ideal role.


Contact Kate for more details on watsonianladiescc@gmail.com


Looking forward to hearing from you.