Quarantine call for Flannigan ‘virus chat’!

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A day of unusual happenings began with 50% of Preston Village C.C appearing at Craiglockhart with the remainder preparing at Myreside – the rumour being they fancied their chances more against the First team rather than the rampant Three’s!

The match began after a delayed start with the Three’s openers Dunc Cockburn and Angus Cousin marching to the middle. First over started well as Dunc crunched a cut shot to the boundary but was bowled next delivery, with cunningly applied forward spin by the bowler, the ball dribbled back onto his stumps having hit both bat and foot. David Davis was next in -providing an ‘old head’ on similar aged shoulders. The following overs consisted of accurate bowling and watchful batting – some might say boring…harsh, but true!

Angus pushed for singles and David ‘caressed’ a number of boundaries as we reached 66 at drinks for only the loss of one wicket… well set for the carnage to follow. The score began to move forward as Andrew began to attack the poorer bowlers. David (66) was struck on the jaw by a beamer via his gloves and this led to a frenzy of boundaries – eventually out caught having put on 119 with Cooosin’.  Mathew Brian immediately began to attack and with Andrew in similar vein the boundaries flowed and surprisingly the oppo kept their fielders in close – skipper error??

Mathew was out for 63 consisting of 11 x 4’s and 1 x 6 – great attacking knock. Andrew Cousin scored 63, his best knock of the season.

The innings ended on 232 – having scored 170 off the last 20 overs!

The drizzle began as we headed to the tea room.

Jodi was triple checking our total as Flanners delivered a plateful, of assumed, non-poisonous snax, but including a sneaky wee seafood prawn, under raps! Flanners sat down and began his chat – at this point Jodi looking distressed asked; ‘can you get me an ambulance’- now I have listened to Flanners chat up lines for over 30 years but even I thought that was a bit extreme. However all was obviously not good. Oli obtained his brothers Epi Pen and the skipper studiously began to read the instructions – at which time a member of the opposition – who claimed to have First Aid experience – stated “you need to remove her trousers to apply it”.

This ‘dodgy’ individual doesn’t know Watsonian Ladies… otherwise he would realise that will not happen until at least after the third date… and 6 gin & tonics!

Fortunately the NHS rapid response motor-cyclist arrived within 5 mins and ambulance soon after – remember that when people complain about the NHS. They took control and all was well.

With that good news we headed back to Craiglockhart as the rain stopped.

The opening bowlers Oli R. and Tim B. did not start well and their opener plundered a number of early boundaries. The skip rotated the bowlers but runs continued to flow until Jamie Reid came on and immediately struck to remove their dangerous opener who had scored a hundred the previous week. Two more wickets in his second and fourth overs for Jamie showed the others that line and length usually works! At this point Jodi appeared back to continue scoring –that is the commitment that is expected in the Three’s team – no softies allowed!

The opposition had a couple of young West Indians who in typical barbadon jocular style kept asking Jodi  “hey seafoood wot is de score maan”!!

Oli came back on and took a couple of wickets, as did the skipper, and the Three’s were back in control. The fielding was good and chances taken – although less said about Ross Fontana’s drop the better, ha! During the innings three players top edged into their heads and glasses were knocked off nearly landing on the stumps – an unusual day with all the happenings.

Jamie Reid (Reido!) finished with the final wicket – 7 overs, 4 for 28 – 3 bowled and one lbw – great bowling.

Another good victory as we bowled them out for 169 – although not our best performance with the ball.

However all in perspective after the worrying events at tea and all the team were delighted to see Jodi back at her table with her pencils! Many thanks Jodi…

El Skip.