Preventative works fail to halt Watsonian Thirds Tsunami!!

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On arriving in the changing room at Roseburn Park, for our game v DAFS, my first thought was “what a young, athletic team”, but then I hadn’t seen David Davis behind the door, Tony B hadn’t arrived – and there was no wall mirror!

We lost our home game to DAFS, who had also been a bit verbal – so the plan was revenge. The toss was the only thing we would lose. We were asked to bat and the strategy was ‘get loadsa runs and not let them get them’!

Due to the Councils ongoing drainage flooding works and restricted boundary –and the fact we had renounced big hitter ‘Test match Tony’ in our team-with the likely ball loss in the works – all overs were to be bowled at one end.  The outfield was fairly overgrown as two lost Japanese soldiers would confirm.

Youth policy began with opening partnership of Dunc Cockburn and Angus Cousin. Young Dunc Cockburn had not appreciated the effect long grass might have on the ball oscillations and promptly ran out Angus – who hadn’t faced a ball, and then David Davis, then Angus Cockburn was bowled for 0 and we were – 15 for 3. Cockburns’ were having a greater effect on our batting line up than the opposition!!

Mathew Brian and Duncan C. applied some solidity and just as we were looking good until Duncan skewed a drive and got caught at cover, for a patient 19.  Mathew went for 14 soon after unfortunately caught down leg and we were in trouble at 53-5.  Angus Rive, first game of season, and Ross Fontana batted really well – putting on a 50 stand using the aerial route to overcome the savanna grasses. Angus batted sensibly smashing the bad ball – normally for a single – but did club 2 sixes and was out for 49 – but was furious when he discovered he missed a 50! Learning from previous experiences Ross then Tony were also run out!

Four run outs in our innings was not all the fault of the long grass but lack of calling and poor telepathy in our middle order – Spock mind melding next week!  The innings completed at 138 for 9, which at Craiglockhart would have been 200+.

After a ‘cordon bleu’ snack below our “calorie counter” we strolled purposely towards the astro and Alice ‘Balders’ and Andy Cockburn were given the new ball – and a subtle and precise field placing- which was helped by all overs being bowled at one end so fielders could stay where they were!  Early pressure brought two wickets with Andy getting Hamish Grey (who scored 89 in the first game – former Watsonian First opener) and Alice getting Owens who puts bat to ball.  To be fair both were given LBW by oppo umpires.

Alice and Andy continued to bowl good length – vital on astro – and good line and backed up by excellent fielding, stopping all possible singles.  Angus Rive, precisely placed at square leg, by the skipper, held a straightforward catch to give Andy his second wicket and Alice took a fine running catch in the covers for Andy’s 5th wicket.

Team spirit was excellent with good ‘chirping’ and bowler support.  The slip cordon expanded as Alice and Andy cut through DAFS middle order.  Alice was keen to get a five-for and get her name on the Roseburn changing room wall!  Dunc Cockburn took sharp catch at slip and Tony didn’t!  Alice finished with 8 overs 4 for 16, Andy Cockburn bowled 6 overs 5 for 7!  Oli Roberston came on and continued the quality bowling taking the last wicket, 1 for 1!  To confirm the good length and line 6 wickets were bowled or lbw.

A great performance all round – apart from the running between the wickets – but we got to a good total and then backed this with great bowling and tight fielding – good from Ross Fontana, Oli Robertson, Mathew Brian and Angus Cousin.

No reason we can’t continue this good run of results! Good fun!

TRB, El Skip.