Peebles umpires can’t see “the wood for the pads”!

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It was vital our previous weeks great results continued, at fortress Craiglockhart, with another top of the table clash ,this time against Peebles C.C. ,as we were both on the same percentage points .
The Three’s had a weighted bowling side with David Davies in New Zealand supporting the Lions – enough said ! Late replacement Luke Scott came in for Fraser Kinloch as the Firsts game was to be late finish.
The skippers inspirational team talk was interrupted by heavy chewing , gnashing of teeth and glugging of juice as the ‘school starlets’ chomped into their lunch-boxes having arrived at 12.50pm –just finishing a game v Merchiston.
Peebles arrived with 9 due to unavailability and injuries and the skipper on winning the toss decided to bowl on what looked like a previously played on wicket – mainly because it had been played on previously that morning. Angus confirmed it was a great batting wicket !
The skipper and Jamie Reid opened the bowling in gusty conditions . After the first 6 overs Peebles were on 3 , 5 of first 6 overs were maidens and after 10 overs had progressed to 10 for 1 wicket !
The Peebles tactic with 9 players was to even up the sides by giving no lbw’s. There were more plumbs at Craiglockhart than at Sainsbury’s . At this rate we were being outnumbered ! The opener not wishing to bruise his bat decided to just ‘sloth’ across his stumps –with all the whitener on his pads we were now playing ‘white ball’ cricket ! The skipper required throat lozenges due to the number of appeals . Eventually one of the openers made ball contact and was promptly caught , bowled skipper caught Coosin .
Angus came on to bowl advised -‘pitch it up ,full and straight ‘- proceeded second ball to bowl short long hop ,off batsman’s gloves, knee, foot and rolled onto stumps – a fine well planned delivery ! Promptly followed by batsman expletives and thrashing of the ground with the bat. I love that !
The wind got stronger and bowling became a bit of a nightmare . Magic Mike was throwing the ball up and there was the danger it wouldn’t come back. He enticed their danger-man into a slog and Mark Somerset took a good catch in the swirling conditions .
The bowling performance was mixed although fielding was sharp from Ross Martin and Luke Scott quick in the covers and runs were saved by good chasing to the boundary from Magic Mike , Ross Fontana and Jamie Reid . Devon Vehlow was thrust into the wicket keeping position and did well – especially dealing with a few legside ‘testers’ .
We needed to focus a bit more as short balls were dispatched to the short boundary . What was good to see was the response from our bowlers when they did bowl a bad ball – not printable here though. However wickets regularly fell with Olly Robertson and Angus Cousin picking up 3 wickets each – but both would agree they have bowled better . Having got them 68-5 to allow them to get to 133 all out was a bit generous ! However at the beginning of the day we would have settled for that.
Bowlers –Jamie Reid ,good first spell 7 overs ,0 for 17. Skipper ,boring , 8 overs 1 for 7. Angus 7 overs, 3 for 35, Olly 7 overs ,3 for 18 , Magic Mike 3 overs 1 for 19 , Mark Somerset –good spell -5 overs 0 for 18 .
Time for tea !
Well it was an interesting wicket so a good quick start needed –so we opened with Olly and Angus . Angus’s view that it was a batting wicket proved unfounded – having belted a 4 the next ball ‘tennis ball bounced ‘ and he was caught and bowled . Olly decided to whack the bad ball and having moved to 6 forgot to make contact with the good ball and was bowled . Luke Scott looked good to get to 1 and was then also caught and bowled off another strange bounce – not looking good at 18 for 3 .
But Ross Fontana was looking comfortable and he was supported by Geoff Mawdesley . They moved well to 61 and then a short long hop shot low and Geoff was lbw – catastroff !!
61 -4 and the skipper was marching to the crease – so confident that was as far as the batting order had been planned – nobody else with pads on ! This minor strategic error was mentioned by Jodie , the scorer, at drinks and rectified .
The plan was ‘simples’ – small targets – and let Ross get all the runs ! Overs was not a problem so we saw out their best bowlers and then Ross belted the boundaries . Like buses , if you wait long enough a number of crap deliveries will come along together !
Ross moved to a fine 50 with another boundary which deserved 8, it went miles ! Then suddenly it was 2 to win – don’t try and win with a 6 – Ross bowled trying to hit 6 !
In comes the match winner, Ross Martin, warmed up the shoulders with ‘windmill type’ swing at the first delivery and then dispatched the next to the ‘boondary’ – another 20 points packed away !
Batters – Ross Fontana 71 , great knock on a tricky wicket (but not according to Cooosin !) Skipper 19 n.o. good performance from ‘Extras’ 27 !
Not our best performance but sign of good side is when you win playing ‘average’ – blah blah

El Skip