Mullin with the Jagger swagger

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My apologies for the lack of match reports for the past couple of weeks; looks like the stand in skipper Bunker struggled with more than winning a cricket match…

After three consecutive defeats, we returned to the comfort of the Myreside artificial and kept our fortress home record intact. With the Rolling Stones playing at Murrayfield it was only fitting that Tom Mullin and David Davies certainly could get some satisfaction.

It was a familiar starting eleven, with Glover, Counsell and Happy Sinclair “fresh” from another police night shift returning and the old face of Rossco Martin back in the 3s.

Skipper failed on the toss and Linlithgow decided to have a bat. The yellow weather warning seemed a long way off as we started in glorious sunshine. The storm may have been a long way off but the way Linlithgow started had us all diving for cover. After 10 overs they were 61 for 2, a nice ball from Xander getting the opener LBW and a not so nice ball from Tim getting a caught behind; quite a miracle as David had dropped almost everything that had come his way prior to that. We looked like we were staring down the barrel of 250+.

The introduction of Tom and Rossco changed the course of the match. Tom’s excellent movement and consistent length accounted for the other opener with a good catch behind  and no sooner had Ross informed me that he hadn’t taken a wicket all season that the number 5 drove one to Xander at cover. The number 4 was cleaned up by Mullin and Linlithgow were now 89 for 5 from 17.

The Linlithgow no 6 did a sterling job of hanging round but couldn’t get much from Rossco who bowled out his 8 with impressive figures of 8-2-14-1. Happy gamefully bowled five overs off one leg and while Salaar bowled a couple of nice overs and was unlucky not to get the no 6. Mullin came back to try to stem the flow in the final 10 overs and did a manful job picking up another 3 wickets, finishing with 8-0-42-5 his first Michelle of the season. Linlithgow ended on 199, a total we knew was gettable, given the size and speed of the outfield.

Another top notch tea was served up by our friends from Hearts and on with the chase.

Skipper and David Davies opened up and nearly saw off the antipodean opening bowlers until skip was triggered by Bunker after the first 50 opening partnership of the season.

Geoff arrived to the Linlithgow first change throwing up things, similar to the mince variety we had eaten at tea. And it was then like a rollback to the Uni game a few weeks back as David and Geoff put on a cheeky 76 of which Geoff powered to 43 before he was brilliantly caught one handed by the pie chucker.

And then the rain came. We soldiered on and it became tougher for the bowlers and fielders to hold on to the bar of soap. David put together a great innings showing the youngsters (and the skip) that it’s all about putting the bad balls away and keeping out the goodies – simple really !

Mike joined David and they saw us home despite a couple of scares and Mr Davies was certainly expecting the MOM award until Tom informed us of his figures when we made it back to the changing rooms. So well done Tom on an excellent couple of spells of bowling and your man of the match award.


Simon Counsell