Hunting Season Delayed by 9 Weeks

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Watsonian CC 167 ao

Grange CC  168/4   


One weekend after the bronzing session at Carlton, ‘Sonians were away on their travels once again.  Looking to discover that initial spark to set the fires alight, ‘Breakfast Club’ was suggested and seized upon with a greater alacrity than turning 2s into 1s could ever imagine.


There are 2 rules for breakfast club

1- You do not put butter on a bacon roll


2- You DO NOT put butter on a bacon roll. Especially when you order two.


Fully satiated, it was time for cricket.  As expected, the pitch looked like a bit of grass where you can play cricket.  The hosts can certainly set up a ground, right down to the kink in the boundary rope strategically placed for taking legitimate catches, catches win matches.

Watsons lost the toss and were put into bat, a loss of decorum in the game I feel, I’m sure that teams used to be invited to bat.


A steady start between Liam and Monsieur Carson was punctuated by a number of attempts by Liam to give the slips some catching practice, unfortunately after he fell the practice made perfect as Carson a clignoté à un large dehors et le deuxième glissement a pris un haut-vol, prise de plongée.  A moment of controversy as EFC was given out caught at bat-pad despite it looking as though the ball clearly went to ground before anyone caught it.  Time and again there were shoots of recovery before first VB then George, B O’C, Shaka and Cobes all fell after making a start. A bit of ticker a decent show was made by Olly Brown, that’s Brown and definitely not Broon how very dare you, as ‘Sonians coughed and spluttered to a total of 167.


  1. Definitely below par, but even here 55 can be a difficult score to make.


Unfortunately, Grange got off to a bit of a flyer and racked up 70 in quick-time.  To their credit the heads didn’t drop and standards in the field remained improved on the past 2 weeks.  A few quick wickets with the spinners- combined age of approximately all the Carlton team from last week- gave ‘Sonians a chance.  However, TC’s decision to try the Steven Finn approach and kick over the stumps was somewhat untimely. A frankly ridiculous rule resulting in a free-hit being awarded changed the dynamics of the game almost instantly.  A few half-chances followed but the Grange batters were composed and finished the match with some aplomb just after (delayed, sort it out) drinks.


Watsonians finish the weekend second from bottom on NRR.  Another (!) away game this week to RHC (at least there might be a bar open after the game) as they look to turn things around and get the season started.  


Thomas Cullen