1st XI vs Carlton……a tad late

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Watsons 202/8

Carlton 203/9- Win by 1 wicket

It was another warm sunny day down at HQ. It was dry, hot, and some would be worried for their plants with the lack of photosynthesis taking place without their TLC!

Carlton was to be today’s opponents and with the Umpires arrived, it was time for the coin toss. Our captain, Chubby, won the toss and with this act he contributed something to the match. By electing to bat.  The ‘Sonian boys batted admirably on a day 5 pitch and set a challenging total of 202/8 off 50 overs, the most undesirable batchelor top-scoring with a fashionable ‘Red Ink paper 30’.

The bowling unit started poorly in response and thus the powerplay went in favour of the Carlton ‘Glenn Quagmire’ look-a-like overseas.  Some tight bowling from the spin twins TC and Monsieur Çarson slowed the rate and brought the game back slightly.  The leadership group held a quick plebiscite and agreed ‘pace off’ was the way forward.  The captain walks off and calls for the two pacemen to warm up and get ready, to much annoyance of the slip cordon.

At 170/3-ish (I don’t recall)- with Carlton needing a small 33 runs to win, the wheels well and truly came off.  Olly Brown and youth Calum Macleod tearing through the middle order leaving Carlton teetering on the precipice at 198/9 requiring a further 10 runs to win, one wicket in hand. 

Unfortunately the spell of Brown was over and left up to Roy to finish it up.  It’s safe to say the team were left ‘Munsoned’ (watch KingPin) and thus the game was lost.